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Stuart Figures and Accessories

Stuart saddle and bridle colors are brown, white, red, black and turquoise. Lead bridles (from color ad sheets) are turquoise or white. Stuart saddles are more squared off at the rear than Marx and have partial girths. Stuart bridles were made in two styles - one is smaller with rosettes on the side and the other bridle is plain and longer. Both bridles were used for all horses. Pack saddles are green, black, red and turquoise. Stuart pack bundles are turquoise, blue, red and yellow.

Detachable hats were the kepi (military cap), Indian headdress, cowboy hat and coonskin cap, which were made in red, green, white and blue (from the 60s color ad sheets). Pioneer figure colors were palomino (tan), white, red, light blue, dark blue, and gray.

KNOCKOFFS: Known collected red Stuart running horses found so far have turned out to be Hong Kong Stuart knockoffs. To date no Stuart red running horse has been found so it may not have been made by Stuart. Silver Dale and Pat character figures have also not been found. Dawn Barcklay recently found a red Hong Kong Stuart knockoff running horse advertised as Stuart on eBay, purchased it, and noticed the markings and differences. This started Dawn and myself contacting collectors to check their red runners. Please see the Knockoffs page for photos and more details.

RARE UPDATE: Some Stuart items once thought to be rare or harder to find have become more common over the years. Unusual test/promotional colors crop up sometimes but are each unique. Packaged Stuart sets are still harder to find, rare or non-existent - especially the larger boxed sets.

NOTE: There are sometimes painted, dyed and reproduction/recast Stuart items for sale so be sure of what you are buying. See the Reproductions page for more information and photos.

tan travois
Stuart palomino and turquoise travois with bundles and lead bridle.
turquoise travois
Below: a Stuart pack saddle and lead.
pack set

Below: Stuart bundles. (R photo by Dawn Barcklay)
red pack saddlespacerturquoise pack
Below: Stuart pack saddles.(photo by Dawn Backlay)
pack saddles

Stuart accessories
Stuart Indian headdresses, rifles, 2 tomahawks,
a coonskin cap, kepi (military hat), and cowboy hat.

Stuart rearing horses.

running horses
Stuart running horses.

standing horses
Stuart walking horses.

Stuart figures/pioneers.

Stuart character figures.

stuart tack
Stuart saddles and bridles.