Stuart Figures and Accessories

Stuart saddle and bridle colors are brown, turquoise, white, red and black (from Stuart color promotionals). Lead bridles are turquoise and white. Stuart saddles are more squared off at the rear than Marx and have partial girths (belly straps). Bridles were made in two styles - the smaller one with rosettes fitting the running horse's smaller head better and a plain, longer bridle. But both bridles were used for all horses.

Detachable hats were the kepi (military cap), Indian headdress, cowboy hat and coonskin cap, which were made in red, green, white and dark blue. An Indian headdress was made in light blue. Pioneer figure colors were palomino, white, red, light blue, dark blue and gray.

Stuart horses were made in palomino, white, cream, black, sorrel [reddish brown] and silver marbled. The silver and red rearing horses are a bit harder to find and the silver runner is rare. The red running horse is very rare.

Unusual Stuarts

Unusual Stuart colors may have been special offers or test colors. I have no current explanation from existing sources. One Stuart enthusiast said, when she was a child, she wrote to Stuart telling them she loved their Western toys. She received a pink and a red marbled rearing horse in the mail (see below). Included in the mystery is a turquoise travois and yellow pioneer (not knockoffs).