The photos on this page show some resin and hard plastic recasts, produced using Stuart figures and accessories to make molds. Also, shown at the bottom -- reproduction Stuart bagged set packaging. Reproductions can be fun as long as you are satisfied with the purchase and know what it is.

Bruce R. Recasts
Bruce Redenour (lower right), at a Georgia toy soldier show in 2002.
Bruce also made a knife and gun for his resin Stuart reproductions.

bruce resins2bruce redenour

overfield recasts
Hard plastic accessory recasts by Bob Overfield.

recast dog
A recast character dog. Unknown maker.

repro packaging
Reproduction Stuart bagged set packaging with real Stuart items,
created by graphic design artist, Wayne Ratti. Wayne says that he creates
reproduction packaging as the real Stuart complete sets are hard to find.

repro back
Wayne's reproduction packaging is labeled "Reproduction"
on the back bottom of each header card.